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About Restore Heart Centre

About the Centre

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The heart is the core of your body and at Restore Heart Centre, we put your health and wellness at the heart of all we do.

Medical Director Dr Derek Yong founded Restore Heart Centre with the ethos to make quality healthcare accessible to all. We’re not just interested in treating your heart ailments. A former Singapore national tennis team player, Dr Yong also champions preventive care to achieve and maintain good heart health.

The experienced and dynamic Restore team is passionate about helping you manage and minimize your cardiac risk, and gradually ease you into an exercise regime that will reduce your cardiovascular risk in the long run. Find out how regular health screenings and picking up a fun and life-long sport  can help you lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.


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About Our Cardiologist



Dr Derek Yong

Medical Director of Restore Heart Centre, Mount Alvernia Hospital Medical Centre

Visiting Consultant General and Interventional Cardiologist, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital, JurongHealth

Visiting Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, National University Heart Centre

Clinical Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Physician Core Faculty Member, Cardiology Senior Residency Program, National University Hospital, Singapore.

Board Member, Medical Advisory Board, Mt Alvernia Hospital.

Chairman, Code Blue Committee, Mt Alvernia Hospital.

Specialist in CT Coronary Angiography (Australia and New Zealand)

Fellow of The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

M.B.B.S (Adelaide, Australia), F.R.A.C.P (Cardiology, Australia), F.A.M.S (Cardiology, Singapore), F.A.C.C (Cardiology, USA)

While Dr Derek Yong humbly considers it his life mission to restore hearts and health, his sincere, friendly and competent bedside manner has won him hearts along the way. A grateful patient once wrote: “Dr Derek Yong was very patient, caring and concerned. He answered all my areas of concern patiently and showed great care and kindness. A fantastic doctor. Wish there were more doctors like him.”

Currently in private practice as the Consultant General and Interventional Cardiologist at the Mount Alvernia Hospital as well as the Medical Director for Restore Heart Centre in Mount Alvernia Hospital Medical Centre, Dr Yong was a Consultant General and Interventional Cardiologist at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital.


A fully-trained Cardiologist in Australia, Dr Yong completed his Advanced Cardiology Specialist training, Cardiovascular CT, CT Coronary Angiography and subspecialty of Invasive and Interventional Cardiology training at the world-renowned Westmead Hospital, and cardiac CT centres like HeartScan Institute and the Australian Institute of Cardiovascular CT in Sydney, Australia.

Since his days at Westmead Hospital, he has chalked up vast experience as the main operator in numerous primary coronary angioplasty procedures for acute myocardial infarction. He is also a CT Coronary Angiography Specialist recognised by The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ), Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiology (RANZCR) and Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists (ANZAPNM).

Dr Yong has full practicing rights as a Consultant General and Interventional Cardiologist in both Australia and Singapore. However, this Singapore Son has his heart set on serving in his homeland, where he furthered his subspecialty training in Interventional Cardiology in National Heart Centre Singapore.

He had trained extensively in complex coronary intervention, treating patients with complex bifurcation disease, left main coronary disease, bypass graft disease and chronic total occlusions CTO using advanced interventional techniques such as rotational atherectomy and invasive coronary imaging techniques such as Intravascular Ultrasound and Optical Coherence Tomography.

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As one of the pioneer Interventional Cardiologists at JurongHealth, he was instrumental in establishing the key cardiology services in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, instituting the invasive cardiac and interventional cardiology services. One of the first Invasive Cardiologists in JurongHealth to perform Renal Denervation procedure to treat complex resistant hypertensive patients, he was also the Chief Cardiologist lead for its Heart Failure Clinical Program managing  complex heart failure patients requiring electrical and mechanical support.

Dr Yong grooms the next generation of cardiologists as the Physician Core Faculty Member of the Cardiology Senior Resident program in the National University Hospital of Singapore, and as a Clinical Lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. He has also been invited to present his work at various international Cardiology conferences. In recognition of his outstanding credentials, achievements and national contributions to cardiology, he has been admitted as a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology as well as Fellow of The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

A former Singapore national tennis player, Dr Yong doesn’t just preach the usual adage that “exercise is good for you.” This doc, who holds the record for the youngest person ever to represent Singapore in the international Davis Cup competition, prescribes picking a sport you enjoy to ensure continued participation for years. “If you are having fun while playing a sport you like, you will naturally enjoy and benefit from the work-out,” says Dr Yong. Find out more about how playing tennis can improve your heart health here, and what precautions you should take before starting on a new sport or exercise regime.

Proficient in English, Chinese, Hokkien and Teochew which endears him to elderly patients, Dr Yong firmly believes that having a heart for the sick is as important as sterling qualifications. He strives to provide value-for-money treatment. “At Restore Heart Centre, affordability and availability to our patients are our top priorities. We are dedicated to making quality healthcare accessible to all.” Learn more about our screening packages here.

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About Our Technologist

Technologist_Restore_19122015_edited 030Jenny Nam

  • Cardiac Technologist
  • Diploma in Biomedical Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering, Singapore Institute of Management University, Singapore 




Treating heart ailments start with fast and accurate diagnosis. Restore Heart Centre’s Cardiac Technologist, Jenny Nam, brings with her years of experience.

Jenny started her cardiac technologist career in National University Hospital where she performed a wide range of cardiac investigational procedures. She specialised in performing and assisting Cardiologists in conducting Electrocardiography, Treadmill Stress Test, Echocardiography, Stress Echocardiography, Transesophageal Echocardiogram, Continuous Cardiac Monitoring (Holter), Patient Event Monitoring and Tilt Table Test.

She then joined JurongHealth where she served at Alexandra Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Besides performing these cardiac investigational procedures, this Specialist Invasive and Interventional Cardiac Technologist specialised in the care, management and monitoring of patients during cardiac interventional and special invasive procedures.

An experienced Cardiac Technologist in JurongHealth, Jenny also helped to train junior medical technologists in performing echocardiography.

Adept at using the latest cardiac diagnostic machines, she takes pride in putting her knowledge of ultrasound technology to assist Dr Yong in diagnosing and treating heart ailments. Jenny speaks English, Mandarin and various Chinese dialects.

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